The Victoria Foundation

About Us

The Victoria Foundation's Lines of Funding


  • Housing that promotes property management, client counseling, and single, multi-family, senior, and self-help housing development.
  • Economic Development that promotes business lending, commercial development, and employment & training.
  • Education that promotes the Head Start Programs, Charter Schools, Prevention Programs, School Enrichment Programs, and Publications of Chicano literature.
  • Scholarship that promotes grants made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement, Leadership Programs, Recognizing exemplary People.
  • Arts & Culture that promotes cultural centers, museums and expansion arts.
  • International Exchange that promotes exporting our expertise to countries who request our services and importing ideas that can create a more civil society.
  • Faith Based Activities and Programs that promotes helping children and families to live in a global religious society.


The Victoria Foundation's Programs


The Victoria Foundation is creating the first Latino small non-profit Incubator in South Central Phoenix. Affordable work space and support services will entice small organizations to move into a more professional work site; to increase services to the community.

The Donor-Advised Funds Program will focus on the areas mentioned above; As we strive to increase Latino philanthropy in Phoenix then Arizona and the southwest. Program funding will focus on children, youth, and families, as the principle emphasis of The Victoria Foundation. Other infrastructure Donor-Advised Funds will target affordable housing development and economic development projects that create jobs.

Another component of the donor advised funding will emphasize Education Programs and specifically scholarships for Latinos as the foundation strives to reduce the Latino Drop Out Problem.

In order to improve Latinos contribution to Arts and Culture activities, The Victoria Foundation will grant Donor Advised Dollars that enhance this field.

International Exchange / Faith Based Activities will work to improve international, religious understanding.